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Redefining Queueing Experience

As the environment changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, businesses and organizations need to adapt to the new normal. Established business practices were overruled by government guidance, policies, and regulations; and these major changes had fundamental impacts on organizational culture and practices, business operations, and customer experiences.   For service providers who remain open, […]

Toyota Pasig adapts Kyoo – #HomeSoon

Toyota adapts to Kyoo – Queueing Management System to manage their service operations and provide customer intimacy to their clients. Toyota is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and it has been the biggest and the best in the business. The team from Kyoo identified that the customer waiting time is a major problem of Toyota […]


In this fast-paced time, all we wish is to make use of our time more effectively. Whether it is paying our bills or just about buying our favorite coffee. However, with the increasing demand of products or services, customers end up queueing and waste time. It’s not only the customers, but also businesses losing more […]