Kyoo: The Ultimate Game Changer


For almost five years now, Kyoo has been one of the flagship products of Leisue – which is one of the best digital transformation providers for SME and enterprises in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia. It has been continuously delivering consistent and excellent service in terms of providing the best queueing management solution in the Philippines.

This year, Kyoo aims to bring the ultimate change and improvements in the business setting in the country – with regards to customer queueing experience, business operations, and innovative transformations.

By saying the ultimate change – Kyoo does not only mean bringing in new features and benefits – but offering flexible payment terms, significant results, and improving lifestyle of Filipino clients and business owners.

Kyoo is determined to implement its ultimate game plan on improving the existing customer journey in different industries especially on the healthcare, banking and finance, transportation, local government, logistics, and food and beverage industries. With its customer-driven processes, Kyoo made sure to offer the best queueing management packages for businesses that will help them achieve their objectives and goals as an organization.

This 2022, with its ultimate queueing game plan and programs, Kyoo looks forward to a more seamless journey for customers of different business industries. It aims to decrease customer waiting time and increase employee performance by offering business operation boosting efforts. Kyoo has a clear vision of better communication with customers through SMS and digital channels by having digital analytics and reports. Kyoo is one with the government in implementing safe health protocols for people in the community by offering virtual queueing options and new normal queueing operations.

The company maximizes its smart solutions and resources, as well as its professional technopreneurs in adapting to the new normal needs of the community. Lastly, Kyoo clearly looks forward to achieving the following goals and mission:

Shorter lines and faster waiting times

Real time reports and better business rapports

Affordable packages with high-quality business signages

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