4 Ways to Improve Christmas Retail Queueing Experience


1. Make sure to have enough staff to cope with the increase in shoppers.

Make sure to have enough staff to cope with the increase in shoppers.

The influx of Christmas shoppers to a store also entails a greater number of staff available. It may seem simple, but it’s crucial to manage the long queues at peak Christmas shopping times. Most people are excited to shop from different stores, therefore, they get easily irritated and annoyed if it’s taking them too much time to queue in just one store.

To improve Christmas retail queuing experience, an easy starting point is to reduce the amount of time spent in a queue. Adding extra staff to till points can help you achieve this, however it’s equally important to have your own queueing system to achieve a better customer satisfaction rating.

2. Ensure that staff are trained properly.

Ensure that staff are trained properly.

Efficient service will have a significant effect in reducing total waiting time in an establishment, especially during the holiday rush. For a business to achieve this, it must have trained, professional, and passionate staff to ensure quick and high-quality service system.

Businesses must also consider fixing the organizational structure by ensuring proper distribution of talents and skills per department. It can also provide special trainings to its staff as well as getting efficient and high-technology systems to help in its operations. An example of this is a queuing system which can help reduce customer waiting time and improve business efficiency.

3. Engage with shoppers while they are in queue.

Engage with shoppers while they are in queue.

Queuing, especially during Holiday season, is inevitable across different industries. Offering activities in a queue and distracting customers can psychologically make the queue seem to move a lot faster. Distractions include entertainment such as showing them fun videos, movies, or store promotions that can be displayed at the head of your queue using Kyoo TV Display.

Kyoo TV Display effectively works well especially during the festive season, as it can be the perfect platform to display holiday sales, discounts, and promotions — these impulse-type sales strategies can be a real revenue generator for the business.

4. Keep Queueing safe, especially at peak times.

Keep Queueing safe, especially at peak times.

Last tip to improve Christmas retail queueing experience is to make sure your customers and partners are always safe. Kyoo’s Queueing management solution is a great choice for businesses as it helps you keep the queue in order, reduce customer anxiety, and improve total customer experience.

For more information, don’t hesitate to visit our business page at info.kyoo.com/business.

We’ll wait for your inquiries and we wish you a successful holiday period in your stores!

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