Outstanding Customer Experience at Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

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The largest automobile manufacturer in the country, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP), has constantly devoted itself to providing customers with excellent service, timely delivery of products , and continuous product improvement.

Aside from adopting new technologies, Toyota started implementing cutting-edge management techniques called KYOO- Queueing Management Solution on its operations. Toyota Philippines has been using the KYOO- Queueing Management Solution in three of its branches in the country (Taytay, Shaw, and Pasig) for the past three years. With KYOO, Toyota is able to take its business to greater heights.

See the full details below about the process and feedback from the three branches:

Toyota- Taytay Rizal

“Kyoo helps us to manage and give our customers a good service that they deserved.”

Toyota- Shaw

“Kyoo provides a better customer experience. It has been extremely helpful in managing our operations.”

Toyota- Pasig

“Kyoo creates a productive work environment for employees and customers!”

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