The Queue to Success: Why Filipino Businesses need to take Queuing seriously


Every Filipino has experienced queueing, whether a simple queue at the MRT or getting some food from a fast food restaurant. We are used to queuing up outside banks and hospitals, waiting for our turn to be served. Queueing is also a common practice in fast-food restaurants and many other establishments. We are so used to waiting for our turn that we don’t even notice it anymore. We waited for our turn and went on with whatever we were doing beforehand.

When it comes to business, most Filipino entrepreneurs and small-scale merchants do not consider queueing a priority or a necessity for their businesses. They think that if they are busy enough, they will be better off serving customers rather than queueing up at the counter. The result? Never-ending disorganized lines that could last for hours.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to look at the bigger picture. For your customers, queueing can be considered a waste of time if they’re in a hurry or if it takes too long for you to get a service or product. The question now is: how do we make queuing more efficient?

The answer is simple, a queuing management system that can be fitted to your every need. Suppose you are looking to streamline the services you offer or looking to make your transactions faster. In that case, you might find yourself benefiting from this. Here are some industries in the Philippines that can benefit from queueing management system:


Suppose you work in a hospital or own a small clinic. In that case, you know the sense of urgency you need to deliver quality patient care in the most efficient way possible. The last thing you want is for patients to wait hours before they can see their doctor or nurse practitioner. With a queuing management system, we provide a virtual queueing feature and SMS notifications so patients can queue without being physically present. You can also notify them via SMS to avoid late arrivals or cancellations.

Kyoo specializes in offering the best queueing system for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers. We have served different hospitals here in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, allowing us to improve our features to align them with the other healthcare businesses in the country. Schedule a FREE demo with us via this link:

Food and Beverage

For most restaurants and fast-food chains in the Philippines, queues are inevitable in any establishment that offers food or drinks. Still, it doesn’t mean that people have to wait for so long before they get their hands on them. You can do many things to speed up the process, which will make everyone happier in the long run, such as using a queuing management system. You can easily streamline your processes for payment and serving and even show potential waiting time for customers if your restaurant is filled with people.

With Kyoo’s smart queueing features, you do not need to worry about achieving excellent customer service. The queuing system will perform its duties for you. Kyoo has been tried by different food kiosks and restaurants here in the country, and they surely experienced an improvement in their business operations. To know more about this, click here:


One of the most considerable pain points that Filipinos commonly experience is the dreadful commute. Getting home is always a challenge, whether it is a daily commute in buses or going home through ferry boats and roros. It takes up most of our time and resources, yet we have no control over its outcome. A queuing management system will reduce all these issues by providing proper virtual queuing that helps commuters see how long the wait time is to manage expectations and essentially organize lines with queueing numbers.

Kyoo offers the most suitable features for transportation groups and businesses in the country. As we are based in the Philippines, we surely know how to serve you and your Filipino passengers superbly. Click to get in touch with our queueing experts.

Queueing is a part of everyday life whether we like it or not. What might surprise a lot of people is that queuing can positively affect businesses if done correctly. We’re not looking for a handful of spots where you can apply this concept in your industry. Instead, we want to get you thinking about how queueing can be an asset to your business. If done right, queuing can help you attract more customers, improve the customer experience, and increase your business’s overall success. Kyoo offers various services that will help you improve your quality of customer service to make it easier for you as a business owner and your customers. So wait no longer and try Kyoo at and get a 10-day free trial.

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