Kyoo Version 3.0: A New and Improved Queueing Experience


Kyoo Version 3.0 is our biggest update yet! Leisue officially launched last September 12, 2022, Kyoo’s latest version. Kyoo Version 3.0 is a SaaS (software as a service) model designed to make our service available to businesses across different industries. No matter the business, whether you’re a budding SME or a large enterprise, Kyoo provides a digital queueing management system that improves efficiency, accessibility, and profitability. 

Kyoo Version 3.0 helps you to manage your business and queues on your computer without a hassle. Businesses can integrate Kyoo’s software to manage customers’ waiting times and track who is in the queue and how long they have been waiting. Kyoo is also designed to be used by customers waiting in line to be notified when their turn comes up. It also has an administrator mode, allowing you to monitor how many people are waiting at any given time.

Kyoo’s launch comes in response to the growing demand for digital services in the Philippines. The primary goal of Kyoo is to give business owners more control over their customers while providing a better customer experience through technology.

With Kyoo Version 3.0, businesses can now use smart queueing software to manage queues efficiently and effectively. This means you get real-time updates on your customers’ waiting experience so you can quickly make the right decisions—whether staffing up or opening another branch nearby. Business owners and employees can finally focus on their core products and services while Kyoo handles all the technical aspects of managing queues for the best customer experience. 

With an all-new digital queueing system, Kyoo is now more intuitive and accessible for anyone to use. Register, log in, and use the queueing system immediately upon creating an account. Kyoo has been redesigned from the ground up with you in mind. We’ve added more features than ever to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

A bonus to our launch is a FREE 10-Day trial. Anyone interested in taking their business to a next-level queueing experience can test Kyoo’s cool new features before going all-in. The FREE 10-Day trial includes the following: 

  • Invite up to 4 members of your team
  • Manage a maximum of 5 services
  • Deliver 3000 business transactions

So if you’re a business owner looking to make the most of their business and provide the best customer experience, then Kyoo is the queue management system for you. Create an account today and get a 10-Day free trial:

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