5 Strategies to Improve Customer Flow and the Efficiency of Your Line


Everyone can appreciate a smooth business transaction, a good service experience, and short waiting times without any inefficiencies or unreliable practices. In an ideal world, people prefer that there would be no waiting lines, but that’s just not realistic. However, you can take action to make queues shorter and more productive to help clients and partners.

Here’s a guide on how to make it happen:

1.Occupy their time.

Occupied time feeds the mind, keeps the hands busy, and distracts people from the wait at hand – though we may grow up, these truths never change, and waiting in a queue can nearly drive us to throw a tantrum. So one of the best things to do is to find something for your customers to do or interact with.

Kyoo can keep your clients and partners busy with a digital signage in the queue that can play interesting and entertaining videos, informational ads, and even movies. Kyoo keeps all business applications useful and interactive which allows your customers to explore other products and services. Aside from that, Kyoo uses a virtual queuing solution which allows the clients to relax or shop even more as they wait to be called in service.

2.Get them started.

The waiting is over once the transaction or service begins for each of the customers as they just want to get started and the sooner businesses can make this happen, the better. A classic example of this scenario is the grocery store where, once you begin unloading your cart you feel that your wait is over, and you’re officially being served. A fast-food restaurant can also send representatives into the queue to begin taking customer orders.

With Kyoo, your clients can easily get into queue via self-service kiosk queueing and virtual queueing services. This helps them relay specific needs and requirements about their transactions to your accounts team or operations team in-charge. The point is, getting your customers started and served before they reach your service point increases both the efficiency of your line and the satisfaction of your patrons. 

3.Reduce the anxiety.

An unmanaged queue can trigger client concerns and problems very quickly, so it is better to manage your waiting lines and reduce the anxiety of the people lining up by carefully planning their purpose and intent.  

Kyoo provides business an option to utilize an electronic queuing reduces anxiety by announcing through visual or auditory cues that another agent is available to provide service – there’s no need for customers to pay attention to what’s going on in other lines because the digital signage will do the work for them. People may relax when waiting in virtual queues because there is no jostling in line or feeling congested – and where there is relaxation, there is less worry!

4.Make the wait time known.

Uncertainty causes anxiety. And when customers don’t know how long their wait in line is going to be, they become irritated and impatient. This is because uncertain waiting times are longer than known and finite ones. Thus, it is best to provide your waiting customers with details and information as this is the key to break the feeling of irritation that uncertainty brings.

Kyoo offers digital signages and electronic cues to inform people about how long their waiting time will be. This provides people enough information about their transaction – therefore, they’ll be more satisfied and pleased with the business’ service.

5.Promote fairness.

Unfair waiting lines feel longer to clients than those equitable waits, thus, businesses should do everything that they can do to keep each queue fair and balanced. Single-line queuing features “first come, first served” as its modus operandi, making it unquestionably fair.

Kyoo provides fairness by establishing a clear queueing system for different business types from different industries. There are different queue groups and categories which can be customized depending on your business’ needs and industry requirements.

Are you ready to develop a smooth customer flow for your clients and partners?

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