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Toyota adapts to Kyoo – Queueing Management System to manage their service operations and provide customer intimacy to their clients.

Toyota is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and it has been the biggest and the best in the business. The team from Kyoo identified that the customer waiting time is a major problem of Toyota Service Centers that have caused dissatisfaction to their customers and inefficiencies to their operations. The issue was that the average service time was between 90 to 120 minutes as the Repair Order Chase form had to go through several processes which include the Service Advisors inspecting the requirement of the car and getting all the related job order documents done before submitting to the Job Controllers to assign Technicians who will do the repair or maintenance.

For that reason, Toyota was unable to monitor the exact service time of the staff because of manual encoding of the Repair Order form and the flow of customers was very technical to manage. That is when they realized that there was a compelling need for a solution that could help them better manage the customer waiting time and customer flow.

Toyota needed a system that could automatically monitor the service time of the whole car service journey and provide intimacy to their customers. Jonalyn Lim, Owner of Toyota Shaw Inc. believed that customer intimacy will make their customers loyal to their brand and will help them differentiate their dealerships from their competitors. What they needed was a full suite queueing management system which would not only provide digital transformation to their dealerships but generate Repair Order Chase report to the management of Toyota so it could help them in assessing the performance of their staff. The system would also help them increase their service capacity, reduce customer waiting time, and send back satisfied customers which would eventually lead to increased sales.

Kyoo implemented multiple platforms for the Customer Relationship Department, Service Advisors, Job Controller, and Service Manager to manage customer appointments and dissatisfied customers, generate reports, and monitor staff performances. Kyoo also installed a self-service kiosk which enables customers to select the service and advisors they prefer as soon as they entered their service centers. This made the customers feel a part of the system immediately, and they know they are treated fairly and that sets the tone for their whole experience at Toyota.

A multiple channels of notification via SMS and digital signage brings another level of satisfaction as the customers will know the job status and service completion time while the customers wait in their lounge or outside the service center.

25% increase in service capacity (from 80 ave customer to 100 average customers)
Enabled 1-hour express maintenance (from 1.5 to 2 hours waiting time to 1 hours)
100% customer satisfaction (via SMS reminder to CRD)

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