Redefining Queueing Experience


As the environment changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, businesses and organizations need to adapt to the new normal. Established business practices were overruled by government guidance, policies, and regulations; and these major changes had fundamental impacts on organizational culture and practices, business operations, and customer experiences.  

For service providers who remain open, the need for a safer working environment for staff and partners is becoming more important than ever. With this, Kyoo aims to redefine the usual business scenarios by eliminating long lines, providing contact-free queueing solutions, and managing business operations effectively.

Here, we use the word “Redefine” which means “to define again or differently; to take up a new way of life or create something completely new; to make a complete and radical turnaround.” With this, Kyoo seeks to take up a new way of queueing and create a completely different experience for both businesses and consumers.

As one of the pioneers in developing smart queueing management solutions in the Philippines, Kyoo sees today’s new normal environment as the opportunity to do something new and amazing for businesses. Kyoo would like to break away not just from the everyday hassle of long lines and long waiting hours, but from the poor and inefficient service that customers are experiencing. Thus, Kyoo aims to give the best possible redefined queueing experience to consumers through its excellent and high-tech features of its queueing management solutions.

So, the question is – How does Kyoo redefine the queueing experience? Check out the following:

Self-Service Queueing Kiosks

The efficient queueing system gives you general access and controls for queueing, which you can customize according to your business needs. It can also be tailor-made depending on your industry and market environment.

Business Portal – Branch Management & Analytics

Continuous improvement on the service experience of your partners can now be tracked through Kyoo’s business portal. Management can also check employee performance, customer experience and other latest actions and changes concerning the business.

Business Application – Queue Management

By capitalizing on enhanced services and resource allocation, you can drive growth using actionable sales and marketing programs via real-time reports and dashboards.

Real-time Kyoo TV Display Screen

Engage and connect with your customers through Kyoo’s TV display screen which will display which queues are in line, being called, served, and completed. The information constantly changes real-time; and it can show ads, play videos to keep customers entertained while promoting your business’ products and services.

With Kyoo’s queueing products and services, businesses can not just eliminate long lines and long waiting hours but it can also increase its business efficiency and productivity. It can not just reduce customer complaints but it can also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Clearly, Kyoo brings a new and innovative perspective to different businesses as it provides them a good service towards achieving an excellent customer service.

Kyoo is still on the move to make business operations easier, better, and faster. Through its high-quality queueing products and services, Kyoo not just recalibrates the standards in terms of queueing management solutions but it redefines the queueing experience of both businesses and consumers.

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