6 Business Industries that need Queueing Management Solutions


Business industries today concentrate not only on keeping their brands but also on achieving maximum safety & the well-being of their staff and customers. Pre-pandemic, customers were already reluctant to stand in line for long periods of time which results in queue abandonment. Apart from business losses, it increases customer dissatisfaction. Now that the pandemic has upended industries, it further escalated the factors that could affect their buying rate. Longer queues and crowded waiting rooms might feel unsafe for most customers.

We designed Kyoo, a QMS, to ease the current pain points of these 6 business industries:

1. Food & Beverage

Food and drinks are essential to maintain even the most minimal standard of living. This in turn still keeps the Food & Beverage atop of the industries despite the pandemic. Kyoo organizes long waiting lines & controls the number of pax in your waiting rooms. Consequently, it will effectively improve operations to enhance customer queueing experiences.

2. Healthcare

We recognize the challenges of our healthcare providers. Hospitals need to remain open and deal with restrictions. secure a pleasant, productive, and profitable clinical environment. Therefore, it is important to manage patient flows. Minimize the spread of the virus via virtual queueing and appointments.

3. Banking & Finance

Banks must ensure the safety of their clients’ finances. Kyoo does not only minimize perceived wait times on bank transactions but also increases performance and operational efficiency.

4. Education

Kyoo allows education institutions to manage their staff and students’ overall experiences particularly from admission, libraries, cafeterias, offices, and school departments. Moreover, it improves campus-wide safety and crowd control.

5. Government

A QMS has long been needed by our government offices even before the pandemic. It is one of our goals to let Filipinos transact all important government filings and applications but without the lines and inconveniences.

6. Automotive

Steer your business without the needless complexity. Provide a central point of managing queues and time monitoring of services per job area within the service department of the car dealership.

While COVID-19 has been a threat to all our industries and livelihoods, we believe it also led us in narrowing down the essential needs of our society. Ironically, the pandemic brought us new provocations and has been a time of trial and error to be able to see a better future. We’re now in the new normal. With the status quo broken, we know we have to do something.

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